Windows 7 is surrounded by thousands of software and utilities, which do their job on your most favorite Windows 7 OS. Windows 7 comes with the inbuilt Image File burner, which allows you to burn the ISO format image files either to CD or DVD, depending on the size.

That was the thing about burning the Image Files, but that does not include to create, copy, convert or extract image files. There is a free utility available for the Windows 7 users that let them do all the tasks mentioned above.


The utility called ISO Toolkit, created for the Windows 7 is an excellent and free utility for image files related work. It lets you create the image files as well as copy, convert and extract them. All these features are packed into a small executable file that just runs smoother on Windows 7.

You can download the ISO Toolkit for free using the link given below. It does not require installation; you just have to double click and open the executable file to let it run.


The first tab on the ISO Toolkit interface is for creating the image files. At there, you need to specify the Volume Label, the label for the Image file, File System and the Source Path. You have to select the folder on your PC of which you want to create the image file. After getting done all the above steps, just click on the Create Image button and the process will then begin.

Besides creating image files, you can copy them as well. If you want to copy the CD or DVD files into a image file, then just move to the Copy Image tab and fill up the given fields and then hit the Copy Image button.


Along with creating and copying images, you can do such other image file related tasks, such as converting them to another format and extracting them. These can be done by moving towards the appropriate tabs in the utility and following the simple on-screen instructions.

Download: ISO Toolkit for Windows 7

ISO Toolkit is a useful utility if you have got to work the Image files.

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