Copying and moving files is a task which usually all the computer users do on a daily basis. You do such task to create a backup of your file or just to place the file in a secure folder. Sometimes, you also move files to another folder, just to make space in the folder where the file used to exist.

If you are copying or moving a big size file, then it will take some minutes to finish the process. Sometimes, it takes hours too if the file is enormous in size, in GBs. When you are copying or moving a file, your processor works on that and thus decreases the performance of other programs you are working on.


There is a tool available to faster the copy or move process than before. TeraCopy lets you move or copy files in your PC from one folder to another in a more rapid way. The native Windows File Copier is not that much fast; TeraCopy is much more quickly than it. It has some other features too which are not available in the formal file copier.


The features include the pause and resume transfers, which allows you to pause your file copying process at any time and resume it when you want. Second feature Error recovery helps you to cure the mistakes that come when you copy a file, so you can continue the file copy process by skipping the error files from the list. TeraCopy can be replaced with the Windows Shell Copier, so whenever you copy a file, instead of the default shell copier, TeraCopy starts work.


TeraCopy is a freeware utility available for all the Windows users. It supports Windows XP, Windows Vista and the Windows 7. You can download it using the link given below.

Download: TeraCopy for Windows

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