If you have ever heard of Cinemagram and you own an Android device, chances are you are a fairly deep shade of green with envy.

The Cinemagram App is currently only available on iOS devices, and unfortunately for Android users, it makes the new arrival of Instagram availability look somewhat dull. However, it looks like this is set to change.

Cinemagram is a fantastic App that allows users to create amazing images, but not just any old images. You can combine video and still images to create a hybrid animated GIF right from your phone. And thanks to a very eager user who contacted the developer and requested the App be made available to the Android market, it will only be a matter of time before it will be.

The team at Cinemagram is working away furiously on a port that will be compatible with Android devices. With any luck, it will be free just like its iOS counterpart on the market very soon.

So how does it work? Well, without getting into the technical side of it, all the user must do is take a still snapshot, then take a short video clip. With these two files the app magically combines them to produce an animation within a small area of the snapshot and presto, you are now the proud owner of an animated GIF. You can even use Instagram-styled filters which the App supports. But it’s worth mentioning that each animated GIF is roughly 1-2MB due to the large number of frames from the image. The App also allows for sharing between multiple social media hubs such as Facebook and Twitter, giving you the ability to show off your amazing creations. Users already have access to the means of ultimate bragging rights, with the Cinemagram website posting the very best of their users’ creations for the whole world to see.