I won’t ever forget the day when I turned on the news and read the papers and Ryan Reynolds had won the competition for the sexiest man in the world. He looks like every other guy I see walking down the street and when I watch him act he’s a bit goofy really. I mean, I do like the guy and don’t mind seeing him on my TV, but he wasn’t what I had thought women wanted. Then again, I never really know what women want, hence why I’m in the position that I’m in life.

With that being said, I did then see him with his shirt off and more lines are running through his abs than you’ll find at your local surf beach when the swells up. Any woman that says they don’t like abs is probably lying, according to the statistics.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have been an item for a while now. Blake is 26 and Ryan is 37. That’s an age gap of 11 years — a more modest total compared to some of the others on our list.

I’ll admit, I’m as much of a sucker for a Jason Statham movie as anybody. Statham and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley are a couple in case you didn’t already know. While we can imagine Jason having a younger woman — almost as young as he wants really — there’s no denying the age gap with this couple. Jason is 47 and Rosie is 27. That’s a whopping 20 years between the two.

Flavio Briatore was the head honcho of a Formula One racing team when he got accused and eventually convicted of cheating — fortunately not on his wife, but rather during one of the races where he intentionally told a driver to crash out. Since that code of conduct is not allowed on Formula One, he had to subsequently leave.

Luckily for Flavio, he had already managed to get quite wealthy and managed to find himself this young wife. I’m sure she’s regretting it now, but he was cool once upon a time. Amazing what some girls will do for a date isn’t it? Most pictures you see of this couple

Do you remember that show 90210? Well, if so, you might also remember one of the main actors in the TV sitcom, Austin Green. While not necessarily the most famous name in the world, he does have an unforgettable face and jawline. That same face managed to pick up none other than the beautiful Megan Fox. Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green have been together for a long time now. Megan is 28 and Brian is 41. That’s an age gap of 13 years.

Hugh Hefner. The man who owns the PlayBoy mansion and has about ten wives makes our list. We aren’t sure how much money is in Playboy, especially these days when nobody still buys magazines, do they? Since we can probably see his ten wives for free online surrounded by a few ads, I’m not sure how popular his books still are. With that said, we do know he is old and his girls are generally young enough to still appear in the magazines, or else we assume he’d recycle them. Only kidding. We know he loves them.

Hey, remember when Harrison Ford crashed his plane? yeah, that was funny. He also has been with Calista Flockhart, who was once famous for being the main protagonist in a TV that’s so old I can’t remember the name. Was it Alley McBeal?  Anyway, would you have guessed that Harrison is 72 and Calista is 49? Age Gap: 23 years. It’s true. You can see there is a large age difference, but Harrison at age 72 makes him much older than I had originally thought. No wonder that last Indiana Jones flick was so bad.

I’ve thrown this honorable mention picture in the post because you can see the large age gap. However, if this was a TMZ episode, it would probably only go to air in that new segment they have where they choose whether something should make the cut or not. There are two reasons why this isn’t as good as the others. 1. These two aren’t Hollywood A-listers. And 2. We have no idea who they are. One would assume there are about 40 years between those two, though.

How could we forget the wonderful Anna Nicole Smith? Sure, you probably knew about her history since it was well-documented that people had accused her of dating old men just because they had money and she wanted it, but you might not have ever seen these pictures. It’s hard to imagine a woman that beautiful falling for a man that wrinkly. What do you think? I’m not sure. I don’t want to see it’s a definite since she’s no longer with us and it’s all quite sad. We’ll give her the benefit of the doubt. Love can do mysterious things.