George Clooney hasn’t been in the news much of late apart from marrying an attractive European and being in Europe which didn’t give off the impression of him being charitable.

However, Mr. Clooney does a great deal of good for the world, including settings up the “Not On Our Watch” program which aims to help out war-torn countries. Clooney and other Hollywood A-listers such as Brad Pitt and Matt Damon have collectively donated millions of dollars to these war-torn regions through the Not On Our Watch organization so far.

It’s always great to see Matt Damon on the big screen. It’s also great to see him giving back to the world. Matt founded the non-profit organization called ‘’ which aims at giving cleaner water to countries in need of water.

Our people out west really take water for granted. I just went through a hot day today and not only did I need a drink containing at least 90% water, but it was great tipping countless liters of water over my body to cool it down too. Could you imagine living somewhere hot and without clean water? Not my choice of holiday.

Beyonce Knowles is usually seen working since she’s a self-professed work-a-holic, or out with her rich husband Jay-Z. However, something people might not know about her is that she gives a great deal to the world too.

Beyoncé and Salma Hayek founded the charity ‘Chimes For Change’, which helps women in need around the world.

It’s almost as if Olivia Wilde’s parents planned for you to be a celebrity with a name like that. She could have one of the best names in the industry.

Olivia Wilde is great on the screen and equally as great with her charity work, has teamed up with ‘Artists For Peace & Justice’ to bring justice to artists, as well as founded the nonprofit organization ‘Conscious Commerce. As you can see, her charitable work is a little more complex, but still charity nonetheless.

One of the best songs I heard during the year was the hit single “Welcome To New York” by Taylor Swift this year. Making it even better is if you actually are planning on going to New York, or if you have been to New York — or if you live in New York for that matter. For these people, the song was especially touching.

If you know the song I’m talking about, then you likely also know how huge a hit it was on the charts. Well, Taylor donated all funds from the song “Welcome To New York City” to the NYC public school system.

Emma Watson might seem too young to understand the importance of giving. Well, she’s well beyond her years then because she’s always doing a great deal of work for organizations like UNICEF and other charity work. She also helps ‘HeForShe’ which is promoting gender equality and teaching the youth of today about the importance of treating genders equally.

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt were such a big-ticket Hollywood couple that they even got their own name “Brangelina” — or something like that. I knew Angelina from a movie back in the mid-’90s called Hackers. Back then she was this weird-looking girl with huge lips. That’s all I really remember thinking about her was who is this girl with the giant lips — she looks weird. These days she looks a lot more normal. Something that isn’t normal, however, is the amount of charitable work she and her hubby Brad do for the world. There are probably the biggest couple for human rights and charity we can think of.

Sandra Bullock always plays such great characters in her movies. They are always so warm and so loving. If you were to be judgmental for a second and guess what she’s like in real life, you’d have to assume the opposite after being married to that motorcycle guy covered in tattoos. However, as it turns out, Sandra is really kind in real life too and she has donated over a million dollars to natural disasters that occurred around the world, including Haiti and the 2011 tsunami that hit Japan.

For those who don’t already know, Seth Rogen is married. His mother-in-law has Alzheimer’s and has suffered from the disease for many years. You might have seen the ‘Hilarity For Charity’ event happening of late which Seth Hosts.

The ‘Hilarity For Charity’ is a comedy show and all the proceeds go to better research for a cure for Alzheimer’s disease. Suffice it to say we think Seth’s marriage is going to be in pretty good shape for many years to come — touch wood.

Few people need introductions to George Lucas since he has just released the biggest movie of the year: Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Not only is it the biggest movie release of 2015, but it could go down as the movie which has made the most noise in filming history. So far I’ve only come across one person who said they did not like the movie, although I’m not convinced the film reviewers on my TV even watch the movies they allegedly review. They seem to just mimic the opinions of the other film scholars before them whose opinions I have already heard.

Anyway, you are probably wondering what Gorge Lucas has done for the world lately apart from making films. George donated four billion dollars to Disney to ensure a better education for children. Now just what Disney has to do with schooling I don’t know. However, I can only assume George did his research before handing over the 4 billion.