One of the most significant components of the smartphone experience is apps. Apps open up a whole new world of possibilities that can allow your device to do amazing things from talking to your family across the world without a carrier to having the ability to take credit card payments on your phone. Unfortunately, on the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store, finding brand new, useful apps can at times be a hassle.  For this reason, two friends creates Appakin, an iOS app discovery and search web platform.

The site features a functional, tasteful design that puts its purpose front and center. In fact, in a reddit post, the creators said this: “Our design goal with Appakin is that the search system is the doorway to finding and discovering the categories. Hopefully this approach will prove useful.” This goal is clear when one utilizes the site. Further, the site contains numerous categories that create groups of niche apps for easy viewing when searching. Unfortunately, if one doesn’t know what exactly they want to find, the search bar is somewhat useless, but the creators have said that the experience will improve.


If you are an iPad or iPhone user, this is definitely a tool to check out. It’s not perfect yet, as this is only the first iteration and many improvements will likely be seen in the future, but it is still a nifty option in its genesis.

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