If you are a subscriber to the AT&T phone carrier network and own the LG G3 flagship smartphone from this year’s range, you should check out the display for a new over the air notification telling you about a software update. The new software version which is now rolling out to devices is D85020f and it updates the operating system to Android 5.0.1 Lollipop. The total file size is 689 MB.

As I’m sure most of you know by now, Android Lollipop started rolling out for some devices last year. First on the list was Motorola and Google’s own Nexus range. From there the Life’s Good company weren’t far behind. But because the US has different networks, each one of those often roll out updates at different times. Google must work with LG and they both must work with the carrier to integrate the new software seamlessly.

LG G3 Lollipop

Android 5.0 Lollipop comes with heaps of new features which make it standout compared to the older KitKat. Inside users will find tap and go NFC payments, Material Design interface, Material Design app drawer, smart notifications ranking, Priority Mode, Google security improvements, camera improvements, Device Sharing capabilities and Android RunTime replacing the Dalvik. In addition to those wonderful features, users will also find a new Settings search function, new lock screen notifications control with do not disturb, Battery Power Saver mode, Guest User support, added multi-tasking features and more.

The official 5.0.1 D85020f Lollipop updates keeps all the same aforementioned features we told you about from 5.0 Lollipop and adds many bug fixes and OS enhancements which make it more stable than before. We know that the jump up to Lollipop was the largest change we’ve seen Android make to any software since the beginning. That means there was always going to be tons of bugs as there always are in most large software updates. They surly didn’t disappoint either with many owners wishing they’d stayed on KitKat. For the most part, that’s an exaggeration and many users won’t notice anything. Furthermore, a great deal of users are really happy with Lollipop. Not all users find the same bugs in their devices which is why the mixed bag results.

As I’m sure you well know, the over the air signals find people at different times and there’s no way of finding out when it’s arriving for you. We do know that it is already finding some users from AT&T and it will continue to roll out until it finds all owners. Once you get the screen notification you should tap the ‘download’ and ‘install now’ options from the device display. Those of you away from a stable WiFi network can opt to put the installation on hold until you are off the mobile data plan. The data will come with unwanted data traffic and unwanted data charges.

Those AT&T LG L3 users erring on the side of caution should use a third-party application to back up all important data on the smartphone. Look to store the phone contacts, SMS texts, pictures music and video files before accepting the software update. That way if you are forced into performing a factory reset you will have the data for restoring.

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