Galaxy Nexus is an incredible smartphone comprising the latest version of the Android, the Ice Cream Sandwich. Equipped with Android 4.0 aka Ice Cream Sandwich, it has just opened a whole new world where the tasks have been made faster and simpler than before. Google has a trend that it includes an Easter Egg in almost all of its services, be its web search or the Android. In the ICS, Google has added an Easter Egg that could be readily available by tapping few buttons on your Galaxy Nexus. Some of the reviewers of the Galaxy Nexus have found this easter egg and are kind to share with the world.


The Easter Egg’s name is Nyandroid, and it shows an animation when the easter egg gets found. To access this Easter Egg in Ice Cream Sandwich, just go to Settings>>About Phone and continuously tap the Android version. It will bring out the secret easter egg containing the Nyan Cat like a cat with animation.

We have seen this Easter Egg in the Galaxy Nexus smartphone, so we can expect it to be available on all the smartphones running Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Do let us know if you’ve some Galaxy Nexus Tips!


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