Sorry, but we don’t provide the Alcatel One Touch Pixi 3 4027D stock ROM any longer. We have had to reduce the firmware files available on our servers this year and as such we no longer host any Alcatel firmware.

Some smartphone manufacturers have free firmware update tools you can use that will download the firmware files directly from the manufacturer’s servers. However, not all manufacturers have such tools available and we aren’t sure if Alcatel is one of the manufacturers that do.

If there are free firmware update tools for Alcatel we recommend using them as they will download the firmware directly from Alcatel’s servers which is the most reliable way to download them. Once you have the file on your desktop, you can flash it as you would any other Alcatel firmware for your smartphone’s CPU. If there are no free firmware update tools, you have two other options: try to download from Alcatel directly or download from another site that has already scraped the Alcatel servers for you. We don’t have any friends in this niche and so we cannot reliably recommend other sites that will offer trusted files.

Sorry for the inconvenience.