1. Cobwebs Queen

Black is the color for Halloween, so if we hazard a guess that you are planning on wearing a black dress we present you with this look. The look is easy to create and is created with something you must have in your makeup pouch, black eyeliner. Well yes, all you need is black eyeliner and some skills to work with it. So if you could not get yourself a costume yet you can just pull out any black dress you possess and do this black eyeliner makeup to go with your dress. The cobwebs disguise you see in the picture is easy to create, all you have to do is get your hands over your trusty eyeliner and begin. Start by putting on your eyeliner as you would on any other day, line your top and bottom lash areas with it and make it pointed over both ends. Next, you will need to clean any mistakes with a concealer and start with your web with good waterproof eyeliner. Start extending lines like rays of the sun toward your jaw, from your lower eyelashes. Make a grid between them to make them look web-like. Use a dark shade over your lips to go with the look.

2. Eye-mask

Here again, we have an idea for you if you have in your makeup pouch an all-time essential, black eyeliner. Considering that every girl must possess one we have created this look through the use of black eyeliner too. This should go great with any old superhero costume you have somewhere back in your wardrobe, or even if you were not able to get a mask to go with your costume. So, you can use thick black eyeliner to create this eye mask over your face. First, outline and then fill it. After you are done with your mask you might want to create a flirty look with it, for that you will need lace and eyelash glue. You will need to cut your black lace into individual pieces, perhaps getting each flower separated, and then apply lash glue to all the individual pieces to get stuck around your mask’s outline. This will give a lacy border to your mask, you might even give it a decorative flare with your eyeliner as a final touch.

3. Queen of hearts

This is probably the quickest look on our list. A queen of hearts kiss! Start by using a lip liner, a red lip liner is a girl’s makeup pouch essential so we expect the availability of it to not be such an issue. Firstly you will create a heart over your top lip and a circle right below it and fill both shapes with the same lip liner. You might want to have a base of bright pink lips beneath it though. You can then spice your look up with any accessories you would want to go with your look.

4. Ethereal makeup

If you have to be a fairy or an enchantress, this probably is one of the best looks you could achieve. One, because it is easy and two, because it is quick. Just soft makeup might not do the trick over Halloween. So to create this uniqueness in your style you will need to use any piece of spareless lying around your home. An open pattern would do the trick perfectly because that would make it easier for the eye shadow to leave a good impression on your skin underneath the lace. You will need to cut the lace in the size and shape that you need, do this according to your face. Start by priming your face as you would before any other makeup application, and then add a base to your face through the foundation. Now a setting powder and concealer are to be applied to your face, you would need to prime your eyelid too if you are thinking of adding the impression a bit over your eyelid too. Use a powder just a few tones lighter than your original skin color, over all the areas you want the lace print. Put the piece of your lace starting from your cheekbone and spray it with your setting spray. Next, you will use a blending brush to apply the eye shadow of any color you want by stippling it over your lace. A black eye shadow or an ombre look is what we would suggest you go for. As soon as you feel you have filled all the empty spaces take the lace off slowly. When you have created the design you want over your face apply some glitter not touching the lace effect using a powder brush. In the end, spray setting spray just once more and finish the look with mascara and lip gloss.

5. The classic cat

When all else fails and you know you suck too apart from being a lazy girl, be a cat. Just make sure you still have those cat ears lying somewhere in your house. The classic cat that we are about to teach you is way easier than anything else on our list today. For this too you will need to use your trusty black eyeliner ladies. Start by drawing a triangle over the tip of your nose. Once you are done fill it with the same eyeliner and move on to your whiskers. You would need to make a pair of 3 whiskers over both your cheeks. Now you will have all the time in the world to aim for the perfect cat eyeliner you are capable of. We will advise you to line the lower lash lines too and join them over your pointed ends on both sides. To get the perfect kitty to look you can add a bunch of whiskers above your lips too and also define your cupid’s bow.

6. Ventriloquist doll

So now we have something super creepy and not gore, so if you hate gore this is the one for you. You do not have to base your entire look on an expensive costume that you’ll hardly ever wear again, and try this for a change. By this, we mean basing your look on makeup. So here is how you begin, first, you need to arrange a dress, just any dress would do but you might like to cut it up a bit. Now let’s get started with your makeup, priming your face is the first thing you will do, and then flatten your eyebrows with a gel so it would be easier to give them another color. Now apply the foundation evenly over your eyebrows, and also a concealer to make them a bit lighter. A white would be needed to be applied over your entire face even over your lips to make your skin look as pale as possible. An angled eyebrow brush is what you will use to apply pink paint over the boundaries of your eyebrows and fill the inner hairy part with pink eye shadow. Apply over your eyelids a beige eye shadow and line the top with black liquid eyeliner so you can have an exaggerated eye. You will start exactly above your crease for this. Under your black line shade color with violet eye shadow and blend all the colors. Apply mascara over both your upper and bottom eyelashes. A doll would need to have rosy cheeks, a cheek stain should do this just right for you if you apply it over the apples of your cheeks and blend it into your skin. Add freckles to your blush in a circular bunch using brown eyeliner. Using a lip liner put a half top of a heart over your upper lip and create a more squared-off lower lip. Draw lines under your squared-off lower lip and take them to the end of your chin and connect them there. And Ta-Da!

7. The Scarecrow look

You have to look for a hat, a plaid shirt, a pair of jeans, boots, orange eye shadow and black eyeliner. Make sure your shirt is a fall color like the one in the picture. Start by drawing the lines in the picture over your nose, mouth, and under your eyes with eyeliner. On the circles of your nose add a bit of your orange eye shadow. A little hay popping out of your sleeves and boots would look great. If you want to grab a few sunflowers in your hands too.

8. Roy Lichtenstein inspired pop art look

His 1964 “Crying girl” is what the look has been based on. First thing first, you need to prime your face so you can work on it like a canvas. For this style, we need a cartoony and perfectly matte skin. You will need two types of primer for this. An airbrush or any matte makeup will work just right. Next up is a powder foundation, once you are done with that move to a waterproof eyeliner. Work your eyeliner over your eyebrows and facial lines, you can do this with just about any eye pencil. Draw your eyebrows thick and neat and use a concealer that is the same color as your natural skin tone. Now start marking expression lines of your face, right where the tone is changing in the parts around your nose. Namely, your cheekbones, chin, and brow furrow. Fill all the parts of your face you see shadows forming so that a flat 2d look is created. Let’s work on your eyes now, start by applying a base and a bright shaded eye shadow and pick your eyeliner back up to create dramatically bold and visible cat eyes. Lining your water line with white light makes your eyes look bigger. In the end, make your lash line black too. Use white eye shadow to line the insides of your bottom lash lines and line the outsides of your lower lash line with black. Do your lips like you would do them on a casual day just a bit more dramatic and bigger and line them with thick black liner to define them. Add dots to your face too but that part is completely optional.

9. Black widow

A skin base foundation to make your skin look paler is what you will start with, and apply it over your face and neck. A base over your eyes is next you will need a cream pigment for this, apply it under your cheekbones too. A permanent taupe is next with which you will shadow your eyes and cheekbones again. Brush this over the middle and sides of your throat to make your bones more visible. A white macaron lipstick is now needed to be used over your cheekbones, make sure you blend it well. Now use this over the top of your nose, over your clavicle, under the arcs of your eyebrows, and on top of your top lip too to make your face look more dramatic. Apply eyeshadow over your eyes and use a kohl pencil to darken your eyes. Create a smokey eye look and darken your cheekbones. Add a thin but dramatic eyeliner to your eyes to make cat eyes and make look more dramatic using black macaron lipstick over your eyes using a brush. Prime powder your entire face and use a copper eye shadow beneath your eyes. Put a pair of fake lashes on and darken your eyebrows. Using a sharpened black pencil liner create nets over both your eyes like in the picture and perfect it using black macaron lipstick and cake eyeliner. Time to create the fake tears! Put cake eyeliner beneath your eyes and drop glycerin and let it slide over your face. Glycerin keeps your tears looking wet. Get your lips cherry red using good lipstick, put a black funeral costume on and you are good to go.