We have a habit of showing people some pretty amazing things almost daily. Some of the pictures in this post could be pushing the boundaries of what we have shared before like this first picture. Just for the record, we don’t know what substance is inside the kiddie’s pool inside the house, but if I were to personally have a guess, I’d say that they are currently swimming in a pool of Coca-Cola otherwise known as Coke. If it wasn’t to be Coke we’d have some serious concerns as to what that might be floating around. And, frankly, irrespective of what it is, we have a problem with it regardless with a baby in the pool as long as it’s not water.

First of all, that’s a cute-looking girl. Second of all, that man must have been young when he had children because he doesn’t look old enough to be her grandfather. And lastly, what inappropriate photo poses. This old codger must be such a character that he’s made this stance seem normal to his granddaughter — at least normal enough for her to be smiling during the whole ordeal.

If you hadn’t caught on already, anything that’s potentially sexualized is going to be easy to make the list. There is folk out there who do have relationships with family members as much as we are taught that it’s wrong or just generally naturally feel that it’s wrong. With that being said, it’s still a long way away from being considered the norm out there.

You might look at this next picture and be thinking what’s so unusual about a woman standing on a golf course or just a lake in a bikini, Well, it gets funnier when you take a look down at the blurb on the bottom of the page. If you haven’t seen it yet, a guy says “that’s more like it” and she replies “Dad!”. For those who haven’t cottoned on yet, that’s her dad looking at her picture and admiring the picture.

A lot of mothers like to get some plastic enhancements shall we say. Perhaps many of them don’t overthink what it’s going to be like when their kids grow up. Furthermore, perhaps they didn’t realize that a grown-up kid now equates to roughly ten years of age. Would you have known these two kids even know what a plastic boob is? I probably would have said no to that question.

That’s not the disturbing part, though. I think what’s most disturbing is the fact that a lady is seemingly enjoying what her two kids are doing that would usually be seen as very inappropriate to most people. And that’s why it deserves a stop on this page.

The thing you’ll notice about America if you are not from there is, how young people become parents. I don’t know the exact statistics on this, but it seems like it’s not at all uncommon for a rookie football player to be a father of 2 or 3. All that is fine and doesn’t directly relate to this picture. However, I find it interesting how young a grandmother can look when being pictured with a boy. For example, if that boy was me, the woman next to me would look more like my mother.

Anyway, whether it’s grandmother or mother, any kiss that goes on the lips is unusual. They do look “woggy” though, and I think the Europeans like Italians do like kissing on the lips, although I could be wrong.

A brother and a sister are a little bit better than a mother and a son in my book, especially if she just so happens to look this good. You might have already seen this one floating around the web because it’s gone viral about fifty times already, but it’s still well worth showing. Normally when we see families getting too close, they aren’t consisting of two rather attractive individuals like in this picture. Then again, we should read too much into just a picture. What do you think happened after this happy snap was taken? More of the same or a hand quickly released? What we do know is that they are brother and sister.

The best part about many of our pictures is that they come with people’s social media names so you can type them into Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, and other social media networks and find the people. That’s one way to check that our stories do check out if you don’t believe this. Sadly, this lady doesn’t have hers available like most of the other people.

Her face looks really funny because she does look like she has an obsession with feet, doesn’t she?

Always save the best chest for last. Here we have a father talking about how his daughter always posts pictures of herself to her social media accounts so he thought he’d join in on the fun. I’m sure that once she saw this photo she wouldn’t at all be pleased.

What’s that? She did see it already and she commented? That’s brilliant. See if you can find this one coming from Facebook under the same username. Sadly, the last names are crossed out so we can’t get the full name. Of course, Facebook is so popular these days that there’s little chance of finding anybody with a Facebook search with just a first name only.