Sony Xperia smartphones are better known for their crisp display and superior camera performance. If you bought this phone for just its looks and camera quality and now you realize about the experience of the interface, you probably want some change in your phone’s user-interface. If that is the case, check out for some of the best custom ROMs for Sony Xperia C smartphones from the list below. Here we have some custom ROMs for your Sony Xperia C to make your Xperia experience even better.

Sony Xperia C

You will need the following before you install a custom ROM on the Sony Xperia C smartphone:

Stock ROM for Xperia C:

I think it’s best to start the list with the stock ROM which always comes in handy during these tweaking processes like rooting or installing a custom ROM. This stock ROM has deodexed system apps for better user experience and performance. Google apps are pre-installed in this ROM.

Features: deodexed for unbeatable performance, multitasking, customizing system apps, more sounds, more wallpapers, more stability, Android 4.4.2 KitKat based.

Download Stock ROM for Xperia C

Lollipop like ROM:

The name says it all. The Lollipop-Like custom ROM is based on Android 4.4.4 KitKat which is themed as Android 5.0 Lollipop with a taste of Xperia UI and icons. This custom ROM looks exactly like Sony Xperia Z3 UI with lots of new features added to it with stability, power and performance.

Lollipop like ROM

Features: Z3 Home screen, Lollipop System UI, Z3 clock, Z3 PlayStation, Z3 Boo animation, Z3 media and sounds, Z3 wallpapers, deodexed, debloated, busy box installed, Xperia Z3 navigation bar, Xperia Z3 status bar icons, modified framework for better Android Lollipop feel and added 8 material themes.

Download Lollipop Like ROM for Sony Xperia C

Xperia-Z-ized ROM:

If you can’t pronounce the ROM’s name then don’t worry, you are still allowed to install this ROM on your Xperia C. This is a themed custom ROM themed to look exactly look like Sony Xperia Z devices. This custom ROM has lots of things which make it look like Sony Xperia Z1. Read more features below.

Features: Deodexed, zip aligned, tweaked for best performance and battery backup, pre-rooted, busy box installed, Xperia Z1 home launcher, Xperia Z1 album, Xperia Z1 themes, Xperia Z1 Walkman, Xperia Z1 clock app, Xperia Z1 key board, Xperia Z1 calculator, Xperia Z1 stock fonts.

Download Xperia-Z-ized ROM

Black Port CM SlimCat 11:

SlimCat 11 ROM is a CyanogenMod 11 based custom ROM to give your Xperia C a better and KitKat-ish look. This is a slim build of CM 11 ROM so this custom ROM has the least number of junk and a large amount of useful tweaks which makes your phone faster, smoother and works for long with a single recharge.

Black Port ROM SlimCat

Features: CM 11 based, Google now launcher installed, audio improved, pre rooted, debloated, slim PIE navigation bar installed, real dark mode in settings, slim settings, dynamic tiles in notification bar, notification bar user selection, CM 11 themes in settings, slim navigation bar.

Download Black Port CM SlimCat 11

Z3 Phoenix ROM:

The Z3 phoenix ROM is Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean based custom ROM themed to give your phone Xperia Z3 look. This ROM has Xperia Z3 stock apps to give it more Z3 look and experience. Additionally, it has a KitKat theme package installer with lots of themes pre-installed for better look.

Phoenix ROM

Features: Enhanced system UI, new xperia home with small icons, added Kit Kat theme package installer, lots of tweaks for smoothness and fast performance, new look to RAM management, new phoenix menu in settings, Z3 like app killer, new on/off tools, 5 way reboot menu and many more.

Download Z3 Phoenix ROM

Z3 ROM for Xperia C:

The Z3 ROM not only has the Z3 user experience but also the performance of Xperia Z3 on your Xperia C. This ROM has a revamped system UI (Android 5.1 Lollipop Zenfone theme) for Android Lollipop experience on your Sony Xperia C. This custom ROM is tweaked for performance and stability.

Lollipop Z3 ROM

Features: Android Lollipop messenger, Gapps version 5 pre-installed, dual 3G, deodexed, Xperia Z3 sounds, ringtones and wallpapers, Xperia Z3 boot animation, Xperia Z3 style settings menu, multi user support, smooth and fast response, advanced reboot menu and Lollipop navigation bar.

Download Z3 ROM for Xperia C

KitKat Xperia C:

The KitKat Xperia C ROM is an Android 4.4 KitKat based custom ROM with Xperia Z1 themes apps and features for better user interface. This is a best custom ROM for you if you want some change in your Xperia C user interface. You should use this custom ROM for better battery performance.

KitKat Xperia C

Features: Android 4.4 launcher modded for rotation, Xperia Z1 walkman, Xperia Z1 album, Xperia Z1 movies, Xperia Z1 note app, Xperia Z1 task app, Xperia Z1 sketch app, Xperia Z1 white settings, Xperia Z1 calculator, Xperia Z1 stock fonts, Xperia Z1 wallpapers and sounds, Xperia Z1 lock screen.

Download KitKat Xperia C

Xperia Z2 ROM:

If you are fascinated by the Sony Xperia Z2 user interface then you should download and install this custom ROM on your Xperia C. Xperia Z2 ROM also has some stock Xperia Z2 ROM modded to work on Xperia C easily. This custom ROM also supports multi user support with guest mode available in it.

Xperia Z2 ROM

Features: call recording enabled, customize-able navigation bar with themes, xperia Z2 themes installed, Xperia Z2 home and widgets, Xperia Z2 album, Xperia Z2 walkman, movies, track ID, working Honami camera with Z2 camera working, battery friendly ROM, many more features for better performance.

Download Xperia Z2 ROM

These custom ROMs are made to save space and that’s why they removed Google apps to upload this ROM easily. Furthermore, you can download this ROM easily. Don’t worry, the Google apps can be easily installed using a Google apps zip package for all the custom ROMs. We have a collection of all the Google apps on our website. You can download Google apps zip package from here.

These different custom ROMs have different main features like battery performance, CPU over cloaking and stability. Download the one which suits you the best and if you have any queries about it, just shoot them in the comment section below.