If you have been alive awhile you’d know that before we hit the new millennium, tattoos weren’t even really considered cool. In fact, it was generally just for really manly men who drink beer and watch car racing while their wives do all the housework. Now, though, it’s almost more common to be covered in tattoos than it is to not have tattoos. They’ve gone from revolting bits of ink to pieces of artwork over one’s body.

While we can’t tell you what’s changed or whether it’s just a fashion fad, we can give you seven reasons why you should seriously be considering a guy decked out with tattoos compared to a guy with no tattoos.

He knows what commitment is

How many times have you heard a guy say they don’t want a tattoo because they think they’ll regret it in another year or so? Well, now apply that same logic to your relationship. yeah, you should be scared. On the other hand, if you man has sat in a chain taking pain for days to get his back covered like Josh Gordon here, you already know he knows what he wants in life. Maybe Josh Gordon wasn’t currently the best example, but he will be next year.

He looks great when he is wearing a tee

There are some arguments why covering yourself with tattoos isn’t a great idea. For example, you are not as employable, especially if you decide to get them up around your neck. However, employers tend to overlook guys with them covered on their arms. You can always wear long sleeve shirts at work too. When that same guy finishes work, though, put a tee on him and he’ll always look amazing. Admit it, you prefer looking at works of art over hair and moles, don’t you?

He isn’t afraid to show his emotions and be himself

Society is always throwing out judgments on people. What better than a man who isn’t afraid to wear a verse that means something to him on his arm for the world to see? To cast all the negative connotations aside and stand up for what you believe, what you think, and what you want only bodes well for your relationship with him. Do let us know if you can read what is on this man’s arm.

He’s probably a great kisser 

OK, this one is like pulling the Joker card. Of course, it would be silly to think that each guy with tattoos is a better kisser than the one without tattoos, but deep down you are probably thinking it isn’t you. I don’t think we’ve worked out the reason why our heads tell us that part. If you do kiss a man without tattoos, this doesn’t mean that he isn’t going to be a great kisser.

He treats his body with respect

if a guy has spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars on his body then chances are his body means something to him. Not only does he think his body is a work of art, but he probably looks after it from the inside too. We can’t say it’s the same for everybody, but how many obese men do you see covered in tattoos?

He isn’t scared of his flaws 

Most women want a man’s man which means he shouldn’t be scared to be flawed. Those guys these days who spend way too much time in front of the mirror are not doing anything for us girls. We prefer a guy who doesn’t mind having flaws, perhaps his tattoo isn’t even that great, but he wears it so everybody in places the world will see it and he does it with confidence. How are that not attractive right ladies?

He has a creative and artistic side that will keep you entertained 

It generally goes hand in hand that if a guy has tattoos painted down his arms then he probably has a creative side because he enjoys looking at artwork. Does that mean that he wants to go check out the next art gallery? Not always. However, it will keep you from getting bored and let you know that maybe there’s more to this guy than I had originally thought.