You know how it feels like installing a custom on a phone? It’s like a new phone with some very new features and you are curious to know all of them. Sometimes trying all the new features of a custom ROM takes about a whole day and after a week or two you accidentally get to know about a new feature which is very useful to you. Isn’t this great? If you want to have this feeling too, then I have some of the best custom ROMs for your device to try and get the best of your device now. If you are afraid of getting your device messed up, then don’t worry. Let me be your guide installing that custom ROM on your phone and every things will be fine. Just follow-up all the steps and precaution I’m about to give you in this article.

Now get to the tools you need for installing a custom ROM. These include a Windows-based PC (why Windows? Because as you own a Samsung device and these devices sometimes needs a special tool called Odin to flash a custom ROM and Odin only works on Windows PC only). A USB cable because when you want to connect your phone to a PC for any custom process, you always have to connect it using only a USB cable. Not WiFi, Bluetooth or such kind of wireless technology. Also you need to prepare your phone for this process, this includes enabling USB debugging on your phone (I’m going to tell you later how to do that), gain root access on your phone and install a custom recovery. For enabling USB debugging on your phone, you need to unlock your phone go to Settings > Developer Options > check the USB debugging option from there.

  1. Dirty Unicorns:

Dirty Unicorns custom ROM is based on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop, have the features of some popular custom ROMs like AOSP, Omni ROM and more. You will get all the features of Android 5.1.1 Lollipop with some other custom features mentioned below.

Some good features of this Rom are some useful tiles in the notification bar like a compass and NFC, add task manager, theme chooser, added transaction and list view animations.

Dirty Unicorns

Download Dirty Unicorns

  1. Lollipopalooza:

I know the name doesn’t sound good, but believe me it is a good custom ROM for your Nexus 9 tablet. This is a very customizable ROM with lots of customizable options to make your phone look like the way you want it. Some features of this ROM are inherited from Android Open Source project (AOSP).

Enhanced AOSP launcher 3 to make it more stable and fast. Pre-built Beyond Stock kernel to make this ROM run better. Latest Google apps package included in this custom ROM.

Lollipopalooza ROM

Download Lollipopalooza

  1. CyanogenMod 12.1:

CyanogenMod is a very well-known custom ROM maker since we heard about the custom ROMs. CyanogenMod made CM 12.1 custom ROM based on Android 5.1 Lollipop but this custom ROM is an unofficial build on it but don’t you worry, this ROM consists of all the features of it.

Stock Android 5.1.1 Lollipop interface, material design, some performance and interface tweaking options embedded in settings menu. These are some of the features of this custom ROM.


Download CM 12.1 ROM

  1. Candy 5 ROM:

This custom ROM is a blend of CyanogenMod, Liquid smooth and Slim ROM which makes this custom ROM a smooth yet fast and customizable for your Nexus 9 tablet. You can also use this custom Rom for daily use as this ROM don’t have any bugs or flaw.

A weird feature of this custom ROM is 360 degree screen rotation. With all the features and interface of Cyanogen Mod 12.1 custom ROM.

Candy 5

Candy 5 ROM

  1. Android Ice Cold Project (AICP)

An official build of Android Open Source Project is available for Nexus 9. This custom Rom has a very simple and light interface so you can use your tablet in the fastest way. This ROM is based on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop firmware.

If you want a custom ROM with less customization and better performance then you should try this ROM once and I’m sure you’ll love it.



  1. Broken OS:

Broken OS is known for its fluidity across different apps in multitasking as this ROM has less number of pre-built apps and make enough room for ROM to work even better. This ROM also gives you more storage space than other.

As I told you before the best feature of this ROM (fluidity), still there is a great deal more to experience. Experience them by installing this custom ROM on your tablet once.

Broken OS Custom ROM

Download Broken OS

  1. PAC Man ROM:

PAC man ROM is a combination of three popular custom ROM which is Paranoid Android, Android Open Source Project and the most popular Cyanogen Mod ROM. This ROM has that much customization option that it will take you about a whole day to try them all.

Better customization, tweaking performance and fast interface are some of the best features of this custom ROM.

Pacman ROM

Download PAC Man ROM

Download Google Apps zip file from here for your Nexus tablet

These 7 custom ROMs are hand-picked by me for your Nexus 9 tablet which will give you a better performance and better interface. If you are able to try more than one, then try almost all of them on your tablet.