She isn’t? She is! She’s not. She is! This woman is fifty years old and it’s not just a trick most people are sending out for clickbait — the woman is (apparently) 50.

Meet Hong Kong’s Candy Lo — a mother of 3 children who is also a model. While nobody would believe you if you said she was a model, they might have a hard time believing you if you tell them she’s already hit the big 50. Just to put that into perspective, almost 50 years old’s have some decent wrinkles, general wear and tear around the face, probably black under the eyes, withered and you get the drift. Candy here could pass for 23 give or take — roughly half of her real age.

Asians typically have wonderful skin and they don’t wrinkle as much as white people. I’m white so I get to call us white people. Asians usually don’t have many skin blemishes either. For example, they usually don’t come with freckles or too many moles.

Not only does she have a beautiful face without any noticeable imperfections, but her legs are also completely 100% cellulite-free. if every woman wasn’t jealous reading this story before, they probably are by now.

The photos are getting a bit raunchy but you can’t see a model unless she shows you some skin so here it is. candy stopped modeling after winning her beauty pageant in her mid 20’s which is probably one of the main reasons you don’t know who she is. If she continued modeling through all those years she would be all over the magazines and probably featured in at least one you’ve picked up. However, she decided to stop modeling and have a family.

Lo won the Miss Asia beauty pageant dating back to 1991. That’s about 24 years ago now and when she was roughly 26 years old. As you can see, she’s been beautiful all her life and this isn’t just a plastic surgery stunt and 50 Botox injections.

After Lo’s divorce, she reportedly went on a huge shopping spree where she bought more than 80 pairs of shoes and 15 ‘cases’ of clothes. We can only assume 1 case equals quite a few items.

Things took a turn for the worse for Candy around two years ago when she finally got divorced from her then-husband. His loss is our gain because that took her away from family life and back into the modeling game where she is now regarded as one of the prettiest 50-year-old women on the planet. better still, one of the most anti-aging faces on earth — she could sell an abundance of facial creams in advertising if she wanted.

There’s one thing about viewing photos online in today’s modern internet era that stops this story from being completely amazing and that’s whether are they photoshopped. We’ve seen time and time again celebrities from Holly wood and other parts of the globe look great on TV and they do photo shoots and they look slightly better yet. Just because we see these stars on our TV sets doesn’t mean they don’t get a great deal of makeup done every single time beforehand because they probably do. So in that case, how much has this photo been touched up? According to candy not much at all but you’ll have to get to know her from photo shoots before judging what you think. She’d say they are real photos.

We’ve shown you six photos before this one which we are finishing with but we believe we’ve saved the best for last. If you look at her here in the red, she does look amazingly beautiful, elegant, and not close to 50. It isn’t just her face that looks young either. You can see how young her arms look, and the shape of her body, nothing is sagging or hanging down, and no wrinkles are visible at all. Nothing.

We hope that Candy Lo continues to model so we can continue to see her in the news and the media. that way we can continue to see how she looks when she’s 55 and maybe even 60, although we are sure her modeling career must surely be over before then.

So, what do you guys think about Candy Lo? let us know in the comments.