Email Protection has now become a necessary part to avoid spam emails. Nowadays, most of the people are sending mass spam emails, thus increasing the email count in our Inbox. Even, many programmers have managed to send spam emails by going to various sites, collecting email address from there and then sending emails. Some users feel that having an email address on a web page is safe, but some Hackbots can find it and can make your inbox full with their spam emails. Here are the three ways you can use to protect your email address online to avoid such spam emails.


The scrim is a web service which helps you to protect your email address online. It is a free to use simple service. It protects your email address with CAPTCHA, means whenever someone wants to know your email address, he will have to pass the CAPTCHA to see your email address. To start using the service, just go to website, fill in your email address, choose the Short URL (optional) and hit the Protect my email button. Now, Give this URL to anyone who wants to know your email address.



reCAPCTHA, the most used CAPTCHA service provides a feature to protect your email address online. Just go to Email Protect page, enter your email address and then click “Protect It!”. Then, it gives you a URL where you can see your email address. Whenever someone goes to that link, he will be required to enter the CAPTCHA to unlock the way to your email.


reCAPTCHA Email Protection

NexoDyne Email Icon Generator

The NexoDyne Email Icon Generator is something different than the above-mentioned services. This site lets you create an image of your email address. Bots cannot read the images, so you can make your email address safe by generating an image for it and then embedding it on the site. It has predefined modules of various email services with their logo; it makes your email address look attractive. You can also create the email image design as you want with a custom module.


NexoDyne Email Icon Generator

The above sites help you protect your email address online from spammers, bots and make your online journey much safer.