Oh, Blog Why You Make Me No Money?

What do you do when you see an interesting blog? Well, you will obviously spend time reading it for the topic it covers keeps you pinned to it. That is the sole purpose of a reader. However, what if you are the blog owner? You spent a fortune on building your blog, and you expect returns from it sooner or later. Today nobody takes the pain to research and write content from various sources on a blog just to exhibit their knowledge. More the readers, greater will be potential revenue from the blog, and this is the driving factor behind modern day blogging. However, at times no matter how great your content is and how actively you keep your blog updated, it fails to bring in viewership and hence do not provide any ROI.


You might be asking why this happened despite your efforts and will be desperate for a solution. However, you need to identify why you are not making money from your blog before you start with remedial measures. The reasons could be many, but here we show you three factors that need to be checked at all costs to ensure that your blog brings in currency when you need it the most.

Wrong side of the SEO Bed

If you started blogging a couple of months or years ago, then you might be of the impression that all it takes for your website to rank higher and thereby bring in more viewers is by writing keyword oriented content. Moreover, of course, add a pinch of SEO to it to make it complete. Well, your pie is sure to taste sour with those ingredients today as Google has long forgotten SEO and today it is much of an extinct strategy to bring your site up in SERP. What you need to do is to write high-quality content and then promote it in as many places as you can like Social media shares, sharing on other popular blogs and forums, etc. Your blog’s rankings depend on how many quality paths lead to it from the internet and this calls for extensive link building campaigns to increase back-links to your blog.

Too many darts but a flat tip to hook onto the Content theme

You might be updating your blog every hour with as much content possible, but you might be lacking a clear-cut aim with your content. Just think about what kind of people are your content targeted at and think from their perspective what they want to read from your blog. If you have like a tech blog for Smartphone reviews, then just for the sake of activeness, if you post about promotional offers and foreign manufacturer news instead of hardcore reviews, then a section of your most loyal readers are likely to think over the next time they want to visit your blog. That reduces viewership and lesser the page views; lesser is the potential advertisement and other traffic-related revenue from your blog. What you need to do is to provide original content related to a particular niche and with excellent in-depth coverage of facts related to that niche.

Greediness can cost you more

Even if your intention is to monetize your blog in whatever way possible, try not to exhibit so vehemently. If you like to fill your page with dozens of advertisements and banners which users may have to close each and every now to read the content you posted, then very soon, the ads will be your only companion in the blog. Do not scare off readers with too many ads and click-through landing pages.

So folks there you have it, the three mistakes you should never commit if you want your blog to give you returns on what you invest in it. Follow it and see the results change to your advantage.