For those that don’t already know, Walmart is the largest shopping mall found right around the United States — they are so large they’ve even expanded in other parts of the world like Australia, although you’ll be hard-pressed to find one over there, depending on your exact area.

You might have seen many-a-funny-picture around the web surfacing from inside Walmart. However, we doubt you’ve seen this new one before unless someone beat us to showing you recently.

Here are some of the funnier pictures you’ll find floating around the web today of things you’ll found inside Walmart recently. Don’t forget to click the next button and see the next picture because we’ve compiled a really large list.

Some wonder how it is that Walmart came to be a hundreds of billions of dollar company. Well, it all started many years ago back in the 1940s. It doesn’t just happen overnight. It doesn’t even happen in one person’s working life — that’s how much time and work it took to grow to where it is today.

While we don’t have the secrets as to how to start up a successful business worth billions of dollars in today’s world, we do have enough wisdom to know that this man wearing the pinks certainly isn’t the owner. How do we know that? Well, it’s simple. He doesn’t smell rich mahogany.

You know those times when you walk out of the restrooms (or bathrooms depending on what Continent you are standing on) and you see a hot chick with some toilet paper accidentally hanging off her behind and it doesn’t seem like that big of a deal because she’s kind of hot. Well, this isn’t one of those situations. No, we can safely say that if we saw these people with this amount of toilet paper hanging from their pants we would probably laugh out loud hysterically in their faces.

These pictures are so bad that you have to wonder if these were done on purpose. leave us a comment and tell us what you think. Real or fake? One thing is for sure if they are fake, it had nothing to do with us. Additionally, you can see that they are two separate people on two separate occasions. If you think about it, there probably is a great chance of it being real with all the people around the world on any given day that passes through Walmart. It gets funnier when you think of how many people probably go shopping there to take a picture of someone funny. I’m sure working there would give me some great stories to tell on a Friday night.

You know what they say “when you got to go, you got to go”. Unfortunately, we are sure that some men appear like this guy, perhaps don’t need to go all that bad and they just decided to not care about their surroundings. Or he could have a medical condition and try to sue me. You make the call.

Not to be outdone by the rude man on the left, the woman is somewhat feeling a little more relaxed and taking the day as it comes. Who knows, maybe that’s a Walmart catalog she is holding up and she’s waiting to choose which aisle to walk down next — although we doubt she has much walking on her mind by the look of it.

No matter who you are in life, you probably have at least one photo that you can look back on and say what was I thinking with that haircut. Somebody better give these two guys a seat when we show them their pictures in a few years — assuming they are still with us. Who knows, maybe they have already left us. With a current state of mind like that, nothing would surprise us what they decided to do next.

Sometimes you can see hairstyles that make you think they cannot be real. Other times you think that it might be possible, but aren’t quite sure. One can only assume people aren’t paying to get these haircuts done, nor would they be paying people to create it and put it on their heads. Therefore, it’s a given that it probably is real of my logic is on track.

Meet Joe Dirt. He’s a guy that is always in the wrong place at the wrong time, or at least that’s what he likes to believe. With an upside-down cross like that, one would assume that he thinks he’s pretty tough. If that were the case, he probably doesn’t like going to the hairdressers. Perhaps that’s why he looks the way he does. He doesn’t want to get a haircut, but his potential in life falls well short of being able to cut hair so he’s kind of stuck without direction.

The girl probably isn’t looking directly at him with that face because this isn’t a panorama shot, although that would be great if she was. We aren’t sure that she has an expression on her face at all. It’s just she decided to draw on rather large eyebrows following the shape of an atlas like in the background. What was he thinking there?

Where do we start here? let’s start with the one that’s drawing the most attention otherwise you won’t be able to focus. The lady on the right is not walking around without pants; they are just a very, very unfortunate color. Why would anybody buy pants — and leg-ins for that matter — that are the same color as skin? The only reason I can think of is to try and embarrass your husband or because they were on sale and your head didn’t stop and think that it wouldn’t be a good idea and there was a reason they were on sale.

See how the kid is blurred? That’s because he’s walking so fast between items trying to get the hell out of there. he’s all too aware of what the problem is.

The guy on the left is showing all that skin — unfortunately. I understand some places in the world prefer to wear tighter shorts than most in the United States, but this is taking things a touch too far.

We see a lot of things in Walmart in a day. One thing we have never seen before is a wedding. Let’s assume that it’s a sentimental idea. Do you know how somehow the place they first meet gets called romantic, regardless of where it is? Like Walmart for instance. I’ve seen these a few times. If you are a guy and looking to propose, but have no idea how try thinking where you first met — no matter how ugly a destination it’s always a foolproof plan and will end up with you a very happy man.

While the wedding on the left is great to see, nothing beat the Evil Kneivel on the right. She must be in between ramps? In between stunt shows? Stopping in before calling it a night.

Thankfully, we are allowed to show you the picture on the right side because she managed to take the picture just in time. From mall reports, yes, there really is an old man without any pants or top deciding to go shopping at Walmart. If the price is right some people will do anything. Who knows, maybe they had a special sale on and he needed to get there before closing time and since he’s 180 years old, that would’ve meant spending an additional two hours trying to get dressed.

I always admire a Scot. I admire a man who sneaks in a selfie mocking people even more. You’d think the man would be so self-conscious that there’s no way you could sneak in a picture without him looking over his shoulder. Maybe that did happen the split second after we got this picture. Regardless, the picture looks clean and he did an outstanding job.

It’s not every day you see people walking any further than outside in the street in pajamas, but a group of people has decided to do more than just walk down the street and enter Walmart instead. I guess it becomes less of a big deal when you do it in threes. My girlfriend would nearly do this. She loves going out wearing whatever and whenever, but going all out wearing your bed attire is probably going one step further than even she would do.

For now, these three take over as the three people with the most guts to step inside a Walmart tonight. I know what you’re thinking: you would do that, it’s not a big deal. I will believe that when I see it.

You’ll see some amazing things in Walmart stores. You’ll see some equally amazing things outside the doors too. While walking the streets of the US is usually such as populated experience, you’ll see some funny stuff nearly anywhere you go, the car parks of Walmart seem to be even more of a magnet to funny sightings.

Check out this lady on the right side who thought now would be a good time to walk a sheep. Wait, what is she walking? It appears as though this lady does indeed have a pet sheep — at least for today.

The pooch on the left is kind of cute, but you have to wonder how it got inside. We already know they aren’t allowed inside and for obvious reasons. The same reasons are coming to fruition in this picture.

In this picture we have the err, how shall we put it? No longer living. And we also have the dozing off. They — kind of — relate to each other and for that reason they are side-by-side.

Now the question on everyone’s lips: Why on earth is there a dead deer on the floor inside Walmart? Not only that, but we have quite a few (OK many) people in the background just shopping like there isn’t a dead deer on the ground. What on earth is going on around here?

As for the man on the other side, that really is both funny and sad that he had to go shopping so tired that he couldn’t make it through to the end. I’m sure he must have probably known as he was leaving to get to the shops that he was so tired he couldn’t stay away. One has to think about how he got there in the first place and if that was the safest thing to do. These are the kind of people you forget are driving next to you when you are burning up the road like Lewis Hamilton thinking the person next to you is well-equipped to give you an inch on the outside for the overtake — perhaps a little out of this man’s league is such as maneuver.

You might look at this picture and think that it doesn’t belong, that it doesn’t deserve to be mentioned with the rest of them, Well, there’s some merit to that. You can clearly see that her brown top and it doesn’t look half bad. With that being said, we cannot say the same for her bottom half. That’s where the story gets funnier.

It’s funny because if you don’t pay close attention to her you think that she is dressed sort-of-alright-ish. You can imagine her looking in the mirror and asking herself, “Am I going to get away with this?”. She obviously gave herself the nod before walking out the door and now I’m sure it’s still on her mind and she browses around the shelves.

Most things that don’t involve walking around the aisles probably aren’t legal. However, that doesn’t usually stop people from getting away with things either. Security is somewhat tight, somewhat. Often it isn’t tight enough.

We think the idea here is that Walmart is so large that a guy thought it would be a great idea to take in his dirt bike — minus the dirt from the road — and do his shopping because it’s a great deal more efficient.

The girl on the left, being the perfect lady that she is, decided it would be more fitting to ride a push bike because it’s more polite and less dirty whilst still offering some premium shopping ability.

We managed to save the best for last. Sometimes people get so large that they no longer have feeling in their legs. other times they struggle to buy clothes that fit so they have no choice but to let them fall down. Other times they are smart enough to think ahead and say to themselves, let’s face it, I’m probably going to be putting on more weight so I might as well shop a size up this time because I sure as hell aren’t getting up and going shopping again anytime soon.

As a man who was watching Me Myself and Irene just a few nights ago on TV, these guys remind me of a bit of hank’s family and I’m OK with that. I like those guys a great deal. I would like these guys more if they didn’t show all that crack, though. Suffice it to say the army won’t be accepting this guy anytime soon so I’m not sure why he is wearing camouflage gear.