Oh my godfather, they make bras with three pins these days? As if two wasn’t hard enough, to begin with, the trusty three-pin that gives more support will be a nightmare for most men when it comes time to take it off. Nowadays, they make the joint between the lady mounds on the front. Put in a request for one of those before you get stuck having to try and untangle this web before the heat of the moment is erased.

1. Because they don’t let things hang out quite like this.

2. Because they take away from the hard lumps showing themselves through the tops.

3. Because the Xs and O’s aren’t always easy to put on.

4. Because the Golden valley is nowhere near as appealing.

5. Wait, what? is that Kendall Jenner?

6. Because playing peek-a-boo is much harder.

7. Because we would miss all of the great Lindsay Lohan shots such as this one of her running across the street.

8. Because girls look better with only bottoms on.

9. Because bedtime is more accessible to good times.

10. Because you look better in a shirt and shorts.

11. Because the female version of Spock looks better.

12. Because the underline of the bump wouldn’t be visible otherwise.

13. Because teasing is much harder.