Just because a picture nearly breaks the internet doesn’t mean it has to be a comedy. The original breaking the internet phrase did come from Kim Kardashian after all.

Here is a picture that was popular this year of a man who is falling from a shower curtain in a bathtub. Back in the olden days, or in houses that weren’t as expensive as someone living in the upper middle class, you would sometimes find a combination of a shower and a bath together. They did this for two reasons: you couldn’t fit a shower and a bath in the bathroom because the root itself was too small and it’s a cheaper solution to the double-ended problem. If you cannot have both, then just make a combination of both in one. The problem with that for many was that it was slippery at times if you were opting for the shower option over the bath. The other problem is that if you were to fall over, you would be met with incredibly sharp corners.

Now with that in mind, you might enjoy taking a second look at the p[icture of the person falling and doing it nearly head-first. Ouch.

We all love to see Dads being great fathers looking after their kids don’t we ladies? One of the most common things for a Dad to do to their children is pick them up and put them over their shoulders. I don’t know, I guess it’s meant to be the main pose and showing off their strength coupled with an assumed sense of pleasure for the kid to be up at a height they otherwise couldn’t reach.

Since so many Dads do this position, it was only going to be a matter of time before it all went wrong.

One thing you would never see me doing is walking around with a baby in one of those carry-type things like is on her back in the picture above. It’s not that I think they look so bad I want to laugh at her, but I feel as though if I was to wear one of them, I would picture people continually ridiculing me in my head and that’s not a good thing. Like, “hey look at that moron wearing one of those baby carry packs!”.

Something that instantly makes any situation cool is having the confidence to not hide or shy away from what it is you are using. The perfect scenario of proving that true would be to put a giant white fluffy dog in your baby carry pack and start walking the baby with the would-be dog leash. Ironically it is that which probably lead to the photo being taken and disproving my original point of what to do with a baby carry pack.

There are many questions I have about this photo. Firstly, I can understand the basic principles of why this photo went viral. Having a guy appear as though he is screaming while a dog lifts his leg over his face is a comical series of events. Not to mention the look on the dog’s face as if he were almost smiling while he was doing it. On top of that, the dog is nearly looking back at the cameras which are taking the picture of the funny moment. All of that stuff I get. What I don’t get, however, is why there is a giant picture of a head in the middle of the street and the situation around it. Even if it was part of an art show, there doesn’t appear to be any other art around it at all. It’s an abstract picture and one that is interesting if not found comical.

So it’s summer where you are in the world and you want to catch some raise. Let’s all just hang out on the beach together and tan it up. We’ll grab a few bears, pose for some photos and all leave that much happier than when we started because we are now a shade closer to being black than we were when it all began.

That would have been the perfect plan if the black Frankenstein wasn’t about to attack you from behind.

I like athletic women for many reasons. I shall not name most of them here due to it being mostly irrelevant. What I will tell you though is that I had never admired an athletic woman for being able to lift a leg in a bathroom mirror and take a selfie photo with the phone between her toes. The most impressive part about this picture is the fact that she took the photo. We know this because we are looking at the photo and therefore the camera on the smartphone must have snapped it. I don’t know about you, but I sometimes fail to press a button when I’m holding my phone in just one hand let alone one foot.

For that reason alone, this lady sneaks into our top 15 pictures of the year that nearly broke the internet.

Taking pictures around the city skirts is always fun and you never know what can end up in the background of one of your photos should you decide to snap one while somebody you know is posing for the picture.

Here in this photo, we can see somebody forgot how to ride a bike that day. Funnier yet would be the scenario where this bike rider was caught off guard by the person taking the picture which then lead to them stacking into the pole. However, we cannot confirm nor deny that as being the truth.

What is so special about this picture you might be asking? In case you haven’t seen it yet, take a look at the two people’s shadows and you will see a completely different story from the one that is being told in the real-life picture. Amazing isn’t it? This is a real photo and has not been digitally edited — though you will have to decide that for yourself and if you want to believe it or not.

As a child, I would ride my bike for fun. There were many bike tracks around the beach and gave out decent enough hills for it to be exciting. As a teen, I would ride my bike out of necessity, as walking to my friend’s houses was too far. As an adult, I would ride out of exercise because my life didn’t allow me enough time to play sports anymore. Regardless of my age, there was always one thing I didn’t enjoy about bikes: crashing them. It amazes me how I see people riding bikes as a sport and the crashes they have. I always watch and cringe at how they can bear that kind of pain. Here is a great snapshot of the kind of pain I am talking about.

Have you ever feared sitting on a chair and the chair breaking? Well if you hadn’t before, you probably will now. The best part about this picture is the fact that they went and got a camera which means she has probably been in that position for a while after having fallen through.

I still don’t know what is so good about this picture. I didn’t see anything when I first saw it as one of the best pictures of the year and I still don’t see it now. Everything in the photo has a lot of growing still to do. Something like that? No idea.

Swings were one of my favorite things as a child, but I didn’t use them all that much because I feared them to an extent. That then led me to use them as an adult whenever nobody was around. Yes, singing is still fun as an adult, but you need to make sure that no kids are around before you start swinging. Their senses are not the same as yours.

No matter what the situation is, a boy’s mind will never be where you think it is going to be. If most people are caught up in the moment, there will still be one guy in the crowd who has a mind that is wandering elsewhere.

I had a cousin who went to Spain to run with the bulls. I don’t know if she actually did do that or if she just participated in the tomato throwing. Either way, we now know that even if you do manage to outrun the bull to the end of the street, it will still follow you into the ocean. What happens from there is yet to be determined. However, if I were to guess, I’d say that bull can find its way through the water much faster than the weaker human could — but only if it is shallow. let’s hope for his sake it was deep.

Before you look at the top picture and then look away, note that there are two pictures attached to this one picture and things don’t get funny until you see the second picture. There, I think that about covers it. Hopefully, it didn’t land on her and she just rolled over on it.

The following picture could be of one of the cutest chicks we’ve seen walking down the street this year. There’s something about a good candid picture of women out on the street that’s very fun to see. Anyway, we have no idea who this is or what state she is from, but that guy’s arm could be attached to one of the luckiest guys we’ve seen in the past decade.

The courtroom is usually such a serious place to attend. I mean, people usually have their lives on the line when talking about a higher court, so it does set the tone for the mood usually. People are also usually wearing good clothes and good clothes like shirts on women don’t usually show curves. That works out perfectly because nobody wants to be thinking about anything sexual when in the courtroom including the judges. But on occasion perhaps a woman will want to use her body to her advantage. We will update you when we hear about how this case went and if it went in her favor.