So life has been dealing you lemons of late, and you are feeling pretty down about it all. Well, that’s fine, but it’s time to stop feeling sorry for yourself and check out these situations to help make you feel better about it all. The following images will hopefully make you laugh at others’ pain while you forget about yours because you can relate — or at least understand — what they are going through. On second thought, I hope you cannot relate to most of them, or else that probably means you’ve had some bad luck to date. Don’t forget to click the Next button over to the side so you can access the other nine images just like the first. There’s one image per page which is why you have to click next to the right side of here.

There are a thousand reasons to want to be in such a beautiful and scenic place in life, just not while sitting on top of a sinking car. Could there be a worse conflict of interest anywhere else in the world? I guess the bright side is that they are enjoying the view while pondering how they will get out of this one. Let’s hope they have insurance and their lives still.

OK, most of us probably haven’t driven heavy machinery like this (99% of the boys just said I’m wrong). If you were to be behind the wheel, you likely feel as though you’re invincible. However, if you drive it up the wrong mound, you can capsize it on the side. Why is that an issue? Well, if you look at the ground side of things that’s where his cabin is, and he is stuck there. The door is stuck against the ground. Doh!

My favorite chocolate bar is the Snickers–it satisfies just like the slogan says. My Mom used to be at one of these bars most days of the week. I didn’t put on weight from it, but I did develop acne around the same time. Experts suggest there’s no relevance between chocolate and pimples, but I disagree. I think there was some relevancy. Anyway, if you are hanging out for a Snickers, you wouldn’t want it to be the last one in the vending machine. Moreover, it gets stuck on the way out.

So you are having a break from work, and there’s only one thing you can think about eating: the fabulous muffins from across the street. The only problem is when it comes back to you the icing has come off the top and is sliding down the side of the box. Once that icing comes off the top it’s never the same. Furthermore, you need the icing to enjoy the muffin.

As an avid surfer from a white part of the world, I can relate to this guy. Sometimes you get to the beach and realize you forgot to put sunscreen on and the house is too far away. There’s nothing you can do but go surfing and think of how much your body is going to be hurting that night. Then there are the other people who just completely forget and see themselves.

Heaps of people love traveling to Africa and other places where there are elephants. If you are planning on going sightseeing always talk to a local for tips. This guy thought the travel guide was joking when he said that elephants enjoy relaxing in cars.

Have you ever opened up your favorite chocolate yogurt or custard treat only to realize you didn’t peel back the lid properly/? Now you are stuck with a clear coat that lets you see through to the food you are dying to eat, but you can’t get a good enough grip on the slippery surface to open? Son of a…

Just like the situation above like can dish you some lemons when it comes to drinking cans too. The better quality they can be the better kids they have. For example, you don’t see this happening to a can of Coke ever.

Have you ever had to try and convince your kids to eat their greens so they finally agree and then a bug comes out? If you haven’t experienced that yet, then you probably don’t grow your produce.