Sam O’Neal

As men get older I guess they learn not to pull silly faces and how to comb their hair better. Haircuts matter, there’s no doubt about it. If ever you needed proof this should set you straight.

Sam O’Neal is well-known for being the writer of the hit show American Dad — yes, that’s the one that usually comes on TV after Family Guy, and people don’t regard it as being quite as good. However, it is good enough to remain on TV and has nearly a cult following. I don’t mind watching it either.

Mackenzie Rosman

We all know her from the show Seventh Heaven and starring as the baby sister, Ruby. Well, good-old Ruby is all grown up now. While some people find it shocking how looks have been kind to her, I am not all that shocked. She always had amazing skin and I could tell she was going to be hot. Sometimes it can have the inverse effect, though. For example, a girl that’s super-cute growing up but then grows up to be kind of ugly. I better stop talking before I get arrested.

Christina Ricci

Most know her as the modern-day Adam’s Family member, although that show isn’t sounding all that modern anymore. There was always something about her that didn’t appeal growing up too much but you didn’t want to say anything and hurt her feeling — if she could hear — or say anything mean. Maybe it was her forehead that was rather large? Anyway, we can pick on her now because since she’s all grown up she’s gotten way cuter. This is her on the right and if you didn’t see the image matching up with her directly on the left you might not have picked it as Christina Ricci.

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt is always known as that guy who decided to date Jennifer Anniston. If you grew up as a ’90s kid, you’d also know he’s the guy that every girl in your class wanted to date and marry. It was Bard this and Brad that.

With that being said, if you look hard enough you can find some pictures of our Bradly before he was a teenager, and surprisingly enough, they aren’t all good either. Here he is as part of the basketball team with one heck of a bowl cut. That’s so far into the bowl that it’s almost feminine. However, men walking around with girls’ haircuts were nothing out of the ordinary back then. heaps of men would have long hair tucked behind the ears or tied in a pony tale. I’m serious!

Emma Watson

Most only know her as the chick from Harry Potter movies. Emma Watson is another girl who you could look at as a young woman and say, yeah she’s probably going to grow up and be not bad looking. However, I think few probably predicted that she’d turn out this good. Granted, our Emma is probably more popular in some parts of the world than others because taste in women varies. Perhaps not thick enough for many in the United States? Just kidding. Seriously though, Emma has grown up to be quite the looker and she probably won’t stay unmarried for much longer — although a career in acting and traveling around the world all the time can prove tough to juggle.

Lindsay Lohan

Let’s be brutally honest. Lindsay Lohan has never been the easiest on the eyes, regardless of age. However, in case you didn’t already know, she was ten times worse than a young girl. Sometimes I wonder if it was her looks in such a difficult industry that’s focused on great-looking people that lead her down the wrong path of drug abuse. Perhaps she didn’t feel adequate.

While growing up she had a lot of freckles, she has lost many of them now and has worked out the magical secret code of looking great with the right makeup that suits her face. I haven’t been staying up to date with her love life so I have no idea if she’s single or perhaps married. But if she isn’t married I’m forecasting some wedding bells on the horizon. How is my forecasting history? I can’t say I’ve tried it before.

Christian Bale

While he didn’t go on to star in this year’s Steve Jobs biopic, Bale will still be loved by many for other reasons. I’ll always remember Christian from The Machinist — that movie had a great impact on my life and came out around the time when I had just started watching ‘mature’ movies. Apparently, some girls dig what he is dishing out these days, even if I don’t see it. What I do agree with, however, is that he left a lot to be desired as a youngster. You wouldn’t think that young guy would grow up to look like Bale eventually did, would you? It’s not just the teeth either. Teeth change for many of us thanks to the wonderful world of braces and plates to straighten them out. However, for some reason unknown to man, he has lost his freckles. They usually do fade for most people, but he grew up with a similar skin type to Lindsay Lohan and we assume Lohan’s freckles are still there and just masked with makeup. Does Christian perhaps where makeup walking around the streets every day? It’s possible. We know males generally wear makeup when they are acting or in front of the camera for TV sets.

Dakota Fanning

If you haven’t yet seen Man On Fire I suggest you do. If you are a Denzel Washington fan then you’ll love it. There are many other movies I would watch growing up like that thriller with Michael Douglas that Dakota starred in as a child. She never was good-looking at all as a child, but you knew she’d continue to grow up as a wily old fox because they were just something about her that screamed out wisdom. Well, she’s done exactly that and gone on to be one of the most successful young women in Hollywood. Furthermore, she did manage to get some pretty good looks after all. if you look at the picture on the right you’d hardly notice that was her. Granted it’s a picture and if you watched her in a movie things would be slightly more obvious at the time, but still, it’s a large variation compared to the Dakota we used to know as a child or young teenager.

Drew Barrymore

As a serious movie buff. There aren’t many Drew Barrymore movies I haven’t seen. I watched Donny Darko about ten times and still remember her talking about Cellar Door being the most beautiful phrase in the English language. She wasn’t half bad in Duplex either with Ben Stiller. While most people love Drew, it isn’t usually for her looks. Take another look at her during E.T. She was a cute kid but then kind of the cuteness went away. Now though as an adult she’s pretty good-looking.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is the perfect example of this article. It was just the other day when I was watching a movie from 1995 (roughly) called Hackers. She was so young since it was twenty years ago, but I knew I recognize the bottom lip. In all seriousness, that lip was other-world huge hanging off her face. It’s gone on to make her one of the most beautiful women in the world and so many girls I knew when I was growing up wanted to have her lips it wasn’t funny. That trend still hasn’t changed today. You might remember watching TMZ about a month ago and there was this thing with kids purposely creating a temporary vacuum seal over their lips to get them to blow up.