A bump in your tummy can seem burdensome on fun occasions. Especially on an occasion like Halloween when you want to dress up. But considering everything one may dress up as during a Halloween party, this creative mother-to-be made pretty good use of what mother nature had gifted her with. A costume as such did not make you look very scary either and did give you the soft sweet feels of your baby. This is also something people around would find adorable. The mother is wearing a skeleton costume and the costume shows the skeleton of her baby inside of her too.  She is expecting a baby girl and this is denoted by the cute little pink ribbon over the baby’s skull. A variant of it could be without a ribbon over the baby’s skull, this would mean that it is a boy the mother is expecting.

This is one really cute and easy outfit, that can be created even at home. All that you will need is a green T-shirt, a black marker, and something to create the mask with. Here the mask is purple, which means that here it is Donatello being carried around over the woman’s tummy. One might be put down with a huge bump in their tummy but these creative moms-to-be has dressed it quite cleverly. This sets an inspiration for all the pregnant women out there, with a favorite cartoon character.

As the main idea of Halloween is to dress up scary, this cool mommy did not change her course and remained scary! The get-up surely would creep you out. It is a zombie pregnant woman with a zombie baby coming out right out of a hole in her womb, with the placenta still attached to it. The woman is wearing a floral nightgown, that is stained right in the middle of her belly in a circular hole out of which her baby is coming out. The baby is a doll, obviously, but the look overall will knock you out.

A Halloween is no Halloween without a jack-o-lantern, so to make our list complete we have this mother-to-be with the classic Halloween pumpkin painted over her belly. This perhaps is the easiest and the quickest one we have on our list, and it kind of looks super cute. The creativity is how she has opted for what to get painted over her bump, as a Pumpkin surely does go perfectly with the shape of her belly.

Nothing too Halloween-ish about this get-up, but let’s let her get away with it because of how cute it is. This one is wearing a simple black loose shirt with a smiling emoticon sticking right over her bump. She is wearing heart-shaped frame sunglasses to go with the heart eyes emoji. She has coupled the outfit with plain black tights, so yes, simple and cute is the phrase to be used for the look.

If you belong to the Big Blue Nation or are some other team fan this might be the look that interests you the most. She has a basketball painted over her belly with the University of Kentucky logo over it. This coupled with a T-shirt that says Kentucky Wildcats completes her look for Halloween. You may change basketball into a football and cheer for a soccer team. This sure is cool and looks fun too.

As everybody knows a baby is resting in a pregnant woman’s bump, so why not make use of that to create something creepy? The baby eventually has to come out but not like how it is happening in the picture. Two babies’ hands-obviously the plastic ones from a doll- is coming out of her belly and holding a carved pumpkin trick-or-treat bag to create a Halloween-ish look. The shirt looks bloodstained from where the hands are coming out and that is the entire look. Simple and nice.

This is too a very simple idea, all you must have is 6 baby bottle nipples, a cat ear headband, and a basic black eyeliner or anything to draw lines over the face with. A black shirt is preferable if you are copying this look. So this cool pregnant woman has changed the attractive classic cat get-up into a creepy pregnant cat look. She has her cat ear headband over her head and 3 lines over her cheeks to look like whiskers. The main part of her outfit is how she has stuck nipple caps over her bump just like that of a cat.

Have you seen Miley’s video for her song “Wrecking ball”? If yes you would have known by now from where this look has been inspired. The background has been darkened by the woman’s black T-shirt that has a shimmering fabric just at the right place to cover up her bump. The fabric covering her bump makes it look like the ball Miley had taken a ride of, in her video. The ball was chained and for that, a chain has been worn by the pregnant lady and is attached to the top of the shiny silver fabric, over it sits a doll dressed up just like Miley in the video. Let’s thank God, that it is the part where she wears something, that has been imitated. The short-haired blonde, wearing a white crop top coupled with white underpants just like Miley in the video with red lips creates a pretty good look we must agree.

An alien coming out of this one’s tummy is a good idea too, given that you are as good a poser as her. A white blood-stained shirt and hands with this little creep coming right out of your womb is something scary and perfect for Halloween. It was her idea to get an alien out you might bring out something different from your uterus. Whatever you bring out, the idea remains awesome.