The following list is ten photos people took of themselves which have gone a little bit too far we would say. Without giving away spoilers you’ll see some funny photos, some you can’t believe, a few that will make you want to close your eyes, and more.

make sure you click the >next button to take a gander at the rest of the picture because we only show one image per page. Once you click the button you’ll see the rest. So, without further adieu, here is a list of selfie photos that took things way too far after the jump.

The first picture is of a bunch of girls posing around James Franco. Girls, girls, just take a look at him with your eyes before he leaves, would you? Franco doesn’t know what’s going on around here.

Here are three pictures you’ll want to take a quick look at before clicking the next button. There’s a full-sized image of the girl who thought she should take a picture and post it on her social media page since her leg was bleeding.

Of course, you won’t want to stare at the one up close or for too long so we’ve included two more pictures that will help cheer you up a little bit.

We all know most people hate going on dates when they are young because they are embarrassing. What if things don’t go well? What if we don’t click? What if we have nothing to talk about? They are all great questions.

With that being said, we are sure she didn’t realize one of those questions she would be asking is what if he comes at me with one of those gigantic selfie camera sticks in the middle of our date with everyone staring at us? If it was going well before it likely isn’t going anywhere fast for you now kid. The date’s over.

So, you just had a major accident and your car is hardly moving again without about 420,000 spent on damages if not more. What’s the first thing you are going to do? If you answered call the best friends you have to find out the next answer that would probably be correct.

Let’s face it, most young people don’t have ambulance insurance so you want to try to avoid one of those. So let’s just call our friends and get them to come down and check us out. They’ll judge whether I’m good to go or not.

While that might sound like a strange idea, it’s probably still better than the idea this man had which is to pull out his phone and open the camera applications for a quick selfie photo moment.

If you know where Auschwitz is then you know more than me. However, I do know what a concentration camp is and I know that it’s not usually the place you want to start smiling and pulling out the happy selfie moments. Are you aware of the sadness that was trapped in the walls behind you for several years until the war was over?

Well, in her defense, if the answer is no it could be because the wars were so many years ago and way before she was born. Still, if you are paying to holiday there you probably have some interest and knowledge of the Nazis and Germany and the war.

What would a large selfie collection be without one that warped your mind? Here’s one that should help in that category thanks to numerous different iOS Apple devices taken at different angles and looking into a mirror all while pulling a funny face.

I’ll give you ten seconds to look at the picture before you decide your brain hurts. if that happens just click the next button over to the side and please don’t leave. We didn’t mean to hurt your brain we promise.

Attending University in the United States is unlike anything else you’ll get the chance to see in other parts of the world with smaller countries. They love their sports and often follow them as much as they follow the pros.

Inside their schools isn’t half bad either. take a look at this lecturer building that’s about the same size as some Museums in other countries. Luckily, it is this big for this lady because that means only a small portion of people will see her making a fool of herself. here she is taking a selfie with a laptop. I don’t even know how she’s managing to hold that laptop up in the air with one hand, let alone press the buttons for a happy snap. That’s strength and talent.

Here is my favorite picture out of the bunch. Just when you thought you’d seen a man who is extremely happy on a vacation away to one of the most beautiful locations in the world, you’ll soon find out he’s actually sitting in front of a television set.

Have you ever seen a man more impressed with his seat in front of the TV than this man? Either that or he is really proud of himself when he came up with this idea.

Most young teenagers love the thought of getting their license and having the chance to drive without their parents. That means they can press the pedal that much further down, pick up boyfriends and girlfriends and drive to places just for the heck of it.

However, most young people are a little bit fearful of getting pulled over by the police. There are a few reasons for that. the first is that naturally, you don’t want to be getting in trouble. The second is you don’t want to be getting fine because most young people don’t have oodles of spare cash flow.

Those reasons seem to not matter at all for this couple who have been pulled over probably for speeding and yet couldn’t be happier. Likewise, they think it’s a great time to take a photo with the cop.

To finish things off we have something that’s going to lighten the mood for some guys and dampen it for some girls, depending on what part of the image you want to focus your attention on.

Here we have a lady who is going into labor and having contractions. This dude in the front thinks that’s just perfect for a selfie and a huge grin from ear to ear. We can only assume he has quite a few sisters or brothers for him to be this confident with labor pain.