Here is a list of ten images you should enjoy so much you will wish you never unsee them — from early Christmas thoughts to cats, to massive mullets, to Ninja Turtle bodies. These are the best pictures from around the web for this weekend.

As far as tattoos go, normally people get them done for sentimental reasons. I have seen some comedy attempts before and starting from many years ago, like the mustache on the hand trick where you get the tattoo of a mustache on your thumb and index finger so you can hold it up to your lips. A popular one among hot women or so it seemed. After a long drought of seeing any comedy tattoos, I then came across this one. The fluff around his stomach made him think of a cat’s backside.

You might look at this next picture and wonder where’s the joke. Well, there isn’t one as such; this picture is apparently for real. Yes, that’s a ‘happy’ family all joined in one sweater for Christmas. I guess it was so the kids couldn’t run away and they could all enjoy a family vacation together.

Has anything taken over the world today anything quite like a selfie? I guess the modern-day smartphone has something to do with that since we didn’t use it to take pictures anywhere near as much. I saw a picture of a friend with a Polaroid camera the other day which she had just bought recently. It looked like an antique. Anyway, taking pictures of yourself at funerals with the casket in the background still is not socially accepted, even if your selfie-taking techniques are.

Many teenagers have this fascination with getting piercings. I guess it’s a way to express themselves at a time when they feel like they need to do it the most. If you are a male, I urge you to think twice before going ahead with all of those piercings you are thinking about getting. Whether this is a guy or a girl is more than I can tell by the looks of the teeth. I have no idea why they wanted their bottom teeth visible when they aren’t even straight.

As far as mullets go, this one could be the best I’ve ever seen. yes, there are people out there — and not just rednecks — who think something similar to this look good on the head. Another fashion trend lately has been for kids to deliberately style the biggest, worst mullet they can get their hairdresser to conjure up just for laughs. Somehow we don’t think this man is doing it for a joke, though. We can tell by the look of the rest of his get-up, including these extremely tight denim shorts.

Taking photos without clothing on is nothing new; however, you probably wouldn’t expect it done at the same time as a family portrait. How do we know this is a real family you say? It’s my neighbors. No, I’m just kidding. That isn’t my neighbor. However, according to the internet, this very well could be a true photo. You be the judge of that one.

Here is a Ninja Turtle for you. I believe the red one is Raphael, right? Anyway, if you look closely enough, you’ll see that’s not a T-shirt, nor is it a sweater, and it’s not a woman holding a Ninja Turtle birthday cake. It’s her body painted as Raphael.

Here is a nice family photo from back in the old days. No really, that’s a nice photo. What is wrong with this photo? Can anybody see a problem with it? It might be that the family are all wearing what we normally put on our dinner tables and to top it off the father has that on his tie only. But who knows, they could be from the country or something.

I never had the pleasure of making it to my prom. Partly because I was kicked out of my school the year before that time and when I started at my new school I didn’t know anybody well enough to get an invite. Now that I think about it, there was time. There was plenty of time. Anyway, if I did make it, chances are I didn’t get to see this guy dressed in a devil suit. We have no idea where he got that idea from. Maybe because his date is in a red dress?

So, normally guys don’t want man boobs, but if you have them I guess this guy thinks you should embrace them. What better way to do that than by getting a tattoo of the person who probably should have a chest that big? If you dig manga or any type of art, you might enjoy this sketch.